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Combined lactate and ketone body esters as nutritional supplements and Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP)

A palette of combined and pure lactate and ketone esters has been synthesized and tested in rodent studies. On oral consumption the esters delivers one or more equivalents of lactate and the ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate with different timing and peak plasma levels. One of the products - the LaKe ester - has been pilot tested in humans.

Lactate and ketone bodies

Nature´s own protective stress response

Combined lactate and ketone body supplements reflect the natural human response to exercise and stress and potentially entail all the beneficial and protective effects of the two individual metabolites.

Science behind lactate and ketone bodies - From by-products to life savers

Lactate and BHB were historically thought off as metabolic by-products. Recent data however has transformed this picture to show that both are direct mitochondrial fuels as well as they elicit a range of beneficial effects partly via distinct receptors.

Animal studies show that lactate and ketone bodies improve heart, brain and muscle function, protect against dementia and other barin disease and lead to longer lives.

Human studies show that lactate and ketone bodies protect and improve heart, brain and muscle tissue, reduce food intake and appetite and are beneficial in the treatment of acute heart and brain failure with significant effects in the 10-40% range.





Ketone bodies:

Lactate and ketone bodies - Joint amplification

Lactate and ketone bodies are small natural fuels, which also activate distinct signaling body cell receptors.

“the two metabolites (lactate and beta-hydroxybutyrate) supplement and complement each other, and all biological sense dictates that this provides a higher and wider diversity and penetrance.”  - Prof. Dr. med. Niels Møller.

Developed at Aarhus University

The combined lactate ketone body esters were developed by a group of professors (Møller, Poulsen and Johannsen) following many years of research into human energy metabolism and aging related diseases. The aim was to deliver a superior nutritional ester that would provide the natural protective stress response in humans. This is known to ameliorate or potentially even prevent chronic diseases. The esters are patented by Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital and KetLace Biosciences ApS has the rights to use them.

Our team

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Mogens Johannsen​

Professor, forensic chemistry, CSO, MB member
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Thomas B. Poulsen​

Professor, organic chemistry CTO, MB member
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Niels Møller​

Professor, experimental medicine, CINO, MB member

Jan Mousing


Peter Dybdahl Ollendorf Hede

Chem. Eng. PhD Chair, Management Board

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